We are General Contractors specializing in Commercial Projects – Restaurants, Retail, and Tenant Improvements.  Our experience in this industry has taught us that the up front preparation makes a project run much more smoothly and makes it much easier to achieve time and budget expectations.  MCG offers a comprehensive array of services in order to meet the needs of every Clients expectations and goals.

We call it Value Engineering.  It’s the process of plan and site review – determining your expectations and then finding a solution that works best for you and your project.  If we see something that we can improve on that is different from your plan or specification, we will bring it to your attention.  With MCG’s experience in Architecture, Engineering, Management or Construction, we will give you the insights and advice you need for your Project.

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Pre-construction Services

Before you’ve signed a lease and before you’ve finalized your plans – this is a good time to have an Experienced Trustworthy General Contractor.  MCG is that Contractor!

We will meet with you, the Landlord, Brokers and other facilities people to review the site or space and ask those questions you need the answers to before committing to an agreement at no cost to you.

Questions like:

  • Is the existing Power to the space adequate for your Project?
  • Will the  existing HVAC  unit be adequate?  What is the age of the unit, when was it last serviced?
  • Are there any Landlord Improvements that need to be completed?
  • We will figure that out beforehand, and sometimes that means changes in the lease agreement.

These are services that MCG  provides as part of our Standard Service.

Design and Constructability Review

Do you need to bring down the cost of the project?  Are there design changes that can lessen the cost or shorten the construction time?  Our design review may uncover some areas that put money in your pocket, without a compromise in quality.

Facility Management

Once your project is finished, we aren’t done. We want you to be happy with the finished project, so we stick around longer that the standard warranty periods.  Your business is important to us because we get most of ours from repeat business and referrals from customers like you.

Site Analysis and Digital Documentation

Digital documentation. You may wonder how work could get done any other way. We agree. We maintain all of the technology needed to work with us remotely and maintain up to the minute versions of documents that we can share with our team.