MCG’s Mission & Philosophy: “How We Work”

MillenniuM Construction Group (MCG) truly believes that Business is Built on Building Relationships and we have earned a reputation of completing projects on time and on budget. We develop a Solid Foundation with our Clients, keeping them completely informed of the entire process from the Pre-Construction Phase to Turnover.  Customer Satisfaction, Budget and Quality is Guaranteed by MCG’s Team of Field and Office Professionals! 


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Project Management & Supervision
With more than Half a Century of experience MCG has trained a Team of Project Professionals with the Construction  Experience and Expertise that focuses completely on our their Individual Projects while also  supported directly by Project Manager’s and “Hands On Ownership”.

Why Dedicate an Individual Superintendent for each Project?
  • MCG’s Superintendents Orchestrates their Projects with a Team of Qualified Trade Contractors. We need someone to carefully track the project as it was planned.
  • Manages All Jurisdictions involved with the Project insuring that “You” the Client is well informed of the process during construction.
  • If a Superintendent is also responsible for performing some of the work, they don’t have the time to manage the Team!
  • The success of every Project starts and completes with an Experienced Superintendent.
MCG is the Owner's Representative on the Ground!
MCG works with a lot of different Clients, including Corporate, Franchise, and Sole Ownerships.  We are your on-the-ground representatives Before, During, and after the Project is completed.

  • MCG works electronically, so communication is immediate.
  • All Projects are equipped with the latest innovated systems to provide on the spot accuracy which is essential to every Project.
  • Detailed daily and weekly reporting are a standard to our Clients customer service and experience to complete each Project on time and budget.
  • Digital documentation. You may wonder how work could get done any other way. We agree. We maintain all of the technology needed to work with us remotely and maintain up to the minute versions of documents that we can share with our team.
MCG is an open book
We are among the last of the open book General Contractors.  Want to see how we are going to make the numbers work to your budget?  The bid process is for you to see, MCG opens the book to you the Client.  It is important to have the trust and confidence that you see how the cost come together during the negotiation or bid process.